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100% Commission-Based. Uncapped Earnings. 100% Remote. Daily Training Classes. Sell Nationally.

Join the Powur Sell Solar from Home program and refer 1 homeowner per month who wants a solar energy system for their home and receive $3,500*.

Sell that customer yourself and earn $7,000!

Find other affiliate partners, earn $550 per sale passively, on every sale.

So, what would you do with an extra $7,000 per month?

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How It Works

In unprecendented times, opportunities emerge.

Powur is a platform which allows you to monetize referrals of both residential homeowners, as well as other affilites.

Spread the word on one of the hottest trends in the country and earn.

Earn $3,500 commission on all sales generated, and you won't even need to do the selling -- just the introduction.

Additionally earn $550 commission on all sales generated by an affiliate you directly referred.

If you're engaged, there's an opportunity to earn on up to 6 levels of referrals (it's a revenue share, not a multi-level marketing opportunity)

An online dashboard is available to track sales and payments.

Payments are made weekly based on sales that closed in the week.

The Program Cost

Participating in the program costs $49/mo + a $99 one-time activation fee.

This keeps the qualify of the affiliate high and the network full of performers.

The Income Potential -
Homeowner Sales

# Sales / Mo$ in 1st Month$ / Year
1 $7,000 $84,000
2 $14,000 $168,000
5 $35,000 $420,000

The Income Potential -
Homeowner Referrals to a Mentor (i.e. a warm lead handoff
to a solar pro)

# Sales / Mo$ in 1st Month$ / Year
1 $3,500 $42,000
2 $7,000 $84,000
5 $17,500 $210,000

All income is a one-time commission based on a sold contract.
40% paid at contract signing. 60% paid at installation.

If You Directly Refer Sales Reps:
With 1 Sale per Month

# Team Members$ / Month$ / Year
1 $550 $6,600
5 $2,750 $33,000
10 $55,000 $660,000
25 $13,750 $165,000

Think you'll refer more? Contact us for a custom calculator

How Powur Works is a residential solar company disruptive traditional energy markets with technology and business model innovation.

It allows lead generators, solar pros and local installers to be networked together, so you can generate leads anywhere in the country , refer them to local experts, and earn on installation.

All meetings are 100% remote and commissions are 100% uncapped.

By being the general contractor, and developing proprietary quoting systems, Powur can deliver industry leading cost advantage to lead generators and solar pros who can work all online and not be tied to a local territory.

Who Uses the Powur?

Any affiliate can benefit from Powur, but most commonly used by online marketers and lead generators and those who work with homeowners.

Lead Gen Pros
Affiliate Marketing Experts
Existing Solar Pros
Insurance Agents
Loan Officers
Sales professionals
Professional Services
Business Owners
MLM Affiliates & Network Marketers

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All income claims are examples. But if you hustle, you can be exceptional. Commission based on an average 10kW system.

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